General Sessions & Mini-Symposia

⇛ MS01 Bayesian Updating of Physical Models, Structural Responses and Reliabilities with Field Inspected Data

Organizers: Quawang Li(Tsinghua University), Hao Zhang(University of Sydney)

⇛ MS02 Advancing Geotechnical Reliability Analysis with Bayesian Methods

Organizers: Jinsong Huang(The University of Newcastle), Shui-Hua Jiang(Nanchang University),Jia-Wei Xie(The University of Newcastle)

⇛ MS03 Uncertainty Modeling and Quantification for Model Updating and Structural Health Monitoring

Organizers: Masaru Kitahara(The University of Tokyo), Michael Beer (Leibniz University Hannover), Siu-Kui Au(Nanyang Technological University), Takeshi Kitahara (Kanto Gakuin University)

⇛ MS04 Management of Uncertainty and Risk in Design and Decision-making of Civil Engineering Projects

Organizers: Shi-Shuenn Chen(National Taiwan University of Science and Technology), Jianye Ching(National Taiwan University)

⇛ MS05 Stochastic Finite Element Methods and Their Applications on Model Updating

Organizers: Bin Huang(Wuhan university of technology), Heng Zhang(Yangtze University), Hui Chen(College of Post and Telecommunication), Zhifeng Wu(Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Michael Beer(Leibniz Universität Hannover), Sifeng Bi(University of Strathclyde)

⇛ MS06 Machine Learning Application in Natural Hazard Modeling and Simulation

Organizers: Xizhong Cui(Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen)), Jian Ma(Institute of Engineering Mechanics), Jin Wang(University of Western Ontario), Tatsuya Itoi(The University of Tokyo)

⇛ MS07 Advancements of Stochastic Mechanics in Reliability-Risk-Resilience Assessment of Critical Civil Infrastructures

Organizers: Xu-Yang Cao(Hohai University), De-Cheng Feng(Southeast University), Ji-Gang Xu(Nanjing Tech University)

⇛ MS08 Data-driven and Uncertainty-aware Modeling of Complex and Nonlinear Systems

Organizers: Yanlin Zhao(University of Science and Technology Beijing), Yongtao Bai(Chongqing University), Sifeng Bi(University of Strathclyde), Michael Beer(Leibniz University Hannover), David Moens(Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)

⇛ MS09 Addressing Aleatoric and Epistemic Uncertainty with Imprecise Probabilities

Organizers: Marcos Valdebenito(TU Dortmund University), Michael Beer(Leibniz University Hannover), Matthias Faes(TU Dortmund University), Zhan Kang(Dalian University of Technology), Chao Jiang( Hunan University)

⇛ MS10 Monitoring-Based Big Data in Structural & Geotecnical Engineering

Organizers: Zhang Wengang(Chongqing University), Chen Zhaohui(Chongqing University), Liu Gang(Chongqing University), Zhou Guangdong(Hohai University)

⇛ MS11 Damage / Fracture Mechanics - based Stochastic Failure Analysis and Reliability Assessment

Organizers: Ye Feng(Northwestern Polytechnical University), Jingran He(Guangdong University of Technology), Hao Zhou(South China University of Technology), De-Cheng Feng(Southeast University)

⇛ MS12 Stochastic Dynamics Modelling of Long-span Bridges Under Non-Stationary Winds

Organizers: Tianyou Tao(Southeast University), Yunfeng Zou(Central South University), Haojun Tang(Southwest Jiaotong University), Yan Jiang(Southwest University)

⇛ MS13 New Advances on Simulation-Based Reliability Estimation

Organizers: Binbin Li(Zhejiang University), Siu-Kui Au(Nanyang Technological University)

⇛ MS14 Global Reliability Analysis of Complex Nonlinear Stochastic Dynamical Systems

Organizers: Meng-Ze Lyu(Tongji University), Jian-Bing Chen(Tongji University), Michael Beer(Leibniz Universität Hannover), Hector Jensen(Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María)

⇛ MS15 Machine Learning-Aided Reliability Assessment and Risk Management

Organizers: Wengang Zhang(Chongqing University), Lin Wang(Beijing Normal University)

⇛ MS16 Reliability, Risk and Resilience of Structures and Infrastructure Systems Exposed to Multiple Hazards

Organizers: Siyi Jia(Waseda University), Mitsuyoshi Akiyama(Waseda University), Dan M. Frangopol(Lehigh University)

⇛ MS17 Data-Centric Geotechnics: Concept, Methodology and Applications

Organizers: Chong Tang(Dalian University of Technology), Yu Otake(Tohoku University), Yuanqin Tao(Zhejiang University of Technology)

⇛ MS18 System Uncertainty and Multi-variation Analysis

Organizers: Yi Zhang(Tsinghua University), Zhao-Hui Lu(Beijing University of Technology), Yan-Gang Zhao(Beijing University of Technology), Pei-Pei Li(Technical University of Dortmund)

⇛ MS19 Deterministic and Stochastic Numerical Analysis in Geological Disasters

Organizers: Dianlei Feng(Tongji University), Min Xiong(Tongji University), Yu Huang(Tongji University)

⇛ MS20 High-dimensional Uncertainty Quantification in Civil Engineering

Organizers: Jun Xu(Hunan University), Ziqi Wang(University of California)

⇛ MS21 Seismic Fragility and Resilience Assessment of Tunnels and Underground Infrastructures

Organizers: Zilan Zhong(Beijing University of Technology), Zhongkai Huang(Tongji University), Sotirios Argyroudis(Brunel University), Atma Sharma(Tongji University)

⇛ MS22 Uncertainty Quantification and Structural Reliability Design

Organizers: Dixiong Yang(Dalian University of Technology), Zeng Meng(Hefei University of Technology), Guohai Chen(Dalian University of Technology)

⇛ MS23 Recent Advancements in Uncertainty Quantification and Propagation for Assessment of Engineering Systems

Organizers: Ping Yi(Dalian University of Technology), Hongzhe Dai(Harbin Institute of Technology), Jun He(Shanghai Jiaotong University)

⇛ MS24 Quantification and Propagation of Uncertainties in Stochastic Dynamics: Computational Challenges and Solutions

Organizers: Marco Behrendt(Leibniz Universität Hannover), Meng-Ze Lyu(Tongji University), Jian-Bing Chen(Tongji University), Michael Beer(Leibniz Universität Hannover)

⇛ MS25 Dynamics, Loads and Probabilistic Design of Offshore Wind Turbines

Organizers: Zili Zhang(Tongji University), Chao Sun(Louisiana State University), Yupeng Song(Nanjing Tech University), Jianbing Chen(Tongji University), Biswajit Basu(Trinity College Dublin)

⇛ MS26 Advances in Geo-Infrastructure Risk and Resilience Assessment

Organizers: Jie Zhang(Tongji University), Peng Zeng(Chengdu University of Technology), Meng Lu(Tongji University)

⇛ MS27 Time-Dependent Deterioration Modeling of Random Materials and Time-Variant Reliability of Structures

Organizers: Xiaodan Ren(Tongji University), Zhaodong Ding(Hefei University of Technology), Shixue Liang(Zhejiang Sci-Tech University), Hao Zhou(South China University of Technology), Qing Wang(Ocean University of China)

⇛ MS28 Recent Developments and Challenges on Response Determination, Risk Assessment, and Uncertainty Propagation of Stochastic Dynamic Systems

Organizers: Vasileios Fragkoulis(University of Liverpool), Ioannis Mitseas(University of Leeds), Ioannis Kougioumtzoglou Columbia University, Yuanjin Zhang(Wuhan University of Technology), Siu-Siu Guo(Xi'an University of Architecture & Technology), Fan Kong(Hefei University of Technology)

⇛ MS29 Life-cycle Reliability of Structural System

Organizers: Xuan-Yi Zhang(Beijing University of Technology), Zhao-Hui Lu(Beijing University of Technology), Yan-Gang Zhao(Beijing University of Technology)

⇛ MS30 Reliability-Based Structural Control and Optimization

Organizers: Yongbo Peng(Tongji University), Hector Jensen(Santa Maria Technical University), Agathoklis Giaralis(Khalifa University of Science and Technology), Fan Kong(Hefei University of Technology), Wenai Shen(Huazhong University of Science and Technology)

⇛ MS31 Uncertainty Quantification in Wind Engineering

Organizers: Xu Hong(Hefei University of Technology), Genshen Fang(Tongji University), Zhiqiang Wan(Northwestern Polytechnical University), Lunhai Zhi(Hefei University of Technology), Michael Beer(Leibniz University Hannover), Seymour M.J. Spence(University of Michigan)

⇛ MS32 Advances of Theory, Methodology, and Applications in Geotechnical Reliability-based Design

Organizers: Zi-Jun Cao(Southwest Jiaotong University), Jian Ji(Hohai University)

⇛ MS33 Use of Machine Learning and Bigdata in Natural Disasters Management

Organizers: Shahrour Isam(Lille University), Hanbing Bian(Polytech’Lille)

⇛ MS34 Stochastic Dynamics and Control of Complex Structural Systems

Organizers: Lincong Chen(Huaqiao University), Ronghua Huan(Zhejiang University),Alberto Di Matteo(U. of Palermo, Italy),Antonina Pirrotta(U. of Palermo, Italy),Fan Kong(Hefei U. of Technology, China)

⇛ MS35 Resilience-Oriented Emergency Response Across Hazard-Impacted Urban Systems

Organizers: Li Sun(Cardiff University),Fan Kong(Hefei University of Technology),Zhaodong Ding(Hefei University of Technology)

⇛ MS36 Dynamic Reliability and Risk Analysis of Structures Exposed to Hydrodynamic Loads

Organizers: Xiaodong Bai(Hefei University of Technology),Qinghe Fang(Harbin Institute of Technology)

⇛ MS37 Probabilistic Analysis on Extreme Response of Structural Wind-Induced Random Vibration

Organizers: Dahai Wang(Wuhan University of Technology), Guoqing Huang(Chongqing University), Jie Song(Wuhan Universtiy), Gang Hu(Harbin Institute of Technology), Zhenhao Zhang(Changsha University of Science and Technology)

⇛ MS38 Aleatory-Epistemic Uncertainty Quantification and Design Optimization in Mechanical Engineering

Organizers: Xiaobo Zhang(Hefei University of Technology), Luyi Li(Northwestern Polytechnical University), Changcong Zhou(Northwestern Polytechnical University), Wei Li(Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics)

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